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Thanks for the shout out @pdnonline and @danielcooneyfineart - visit http://potd.pdnonline.com/2014/04/26560#gallery-9 for the post about my work and the show!


Fourth radio show, on Know Wave tonight, 7PM


BY THE OLIVE TREES by Michael Friberg & Benjamin Rasmussen
Saturday, April 19
6-9pm @ TGIF

We’re super excited to announce our upcoming launch for the incredible newsprint publication by Michael Friberg and Benjamin Rasmussen.

By The Olive Trees is a project about the lives of Syrian refugees living in Jordan. It was recently published as an 80 page newsprint book intended to be distributed for free.

For more info about the event and check out the Facebook invite here.

p.s. We strongly suggest checking out the Kickstarter that made this project happen.  See you on the 19th!


ShOEs sHoes sHoES! Jeffrey Campbell for Nasty Gal.

Go check out Charlie Rubin's Printed Matter window installation and his new publication Strange Paradise printed by Conveyor.

Follow Yoshinori Mizutani’s adventures through Tokyo on his blog and website

And the beginning of the end starts! Check out this Q/A with Jon Hamm

Happy Friday from DIS


Whistleblower beanie/flow pot, Jogging, 2014, and DISplay people. 


Synchrodogs shoot ss2014 campaign for bimba & lola

See the new collection by bimba & lola here

Like Beyonce said, put a ring on it


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